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Commercial construction and premium products demand the strongest, most reliable foundation. playboy free credit’s record of excellence and quality control makes us an ideal resource for steel fabrication, engineering and custom-design architectural and ornamental metals. Our engineers and fabricators work closely to optimize material selection, then accelerate drawing approvals to expedite delivery.


Our fully equipped, automated steel fabrication site and tenured steel fabricators provide start-to-finish project management and stand ready to meet your needs. With proximity to land and sea transportation, we meet your schedule on time and budget with a top-quality product produced in a certified facility. We bring decades of steel expertise and workmanship to your steel project and jobsite.


Our project managers oversee the field to ensure that structures are erected to AISC standards. Our fabrication team has established long-lasting partnerships with reliable erection contractors to guarantee our work and your vision align.


Handrails, stairs, ladders, bollards and railings are often the only steel components that are visible once your project is complete. However, some of our clients request architecturally exposed structural steel to showcase their comprehensive facility design.

MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida

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