It's late on a Monday night and Ryan and I are throwing ideas off one another. We're sitting at a wooden table in the middle of our studio editing a backlog of assignments from the previous week. Tonight's scheduled shoot has postponed due to a sinus infection, so we are deep into planning mode waiting for Kraemer to show up to start our meeting. Kraemer is our social media guru and tech junkie. We're hoping he brings beer. Kraemer shows up empty handed, but with an actor friend from college, Andy Rea. Within a few minutes of meeting Andy, who could easily be the offspring of Harry Potter and Elijah Wood, Ryan proposes we shoot Andy's press kit. Why waste a perfectly great opportunity, right? After all, he has a degree in theater and has no press kit. While Ryan begins to move a few lights around, I'm off digging through a closet of clothes/props picking out various wardrobes and textures for a portrait. The first two images are from Ryan, and the two below are from me. Both shot on the 5dmkII with the 24-105 f/4 and the 85mm f1.8. We will break down our lighting diagrams in posts to come.

We will be doing our best to publish a wide variety of shoots using a wide array of lenses and modifiers. Our focus for this blog is to break down the anatomy of a shoot and incorporate the technical aspect of using off camera lighting in every possible scenario. We hope you subscribe to our blog and we look forward to seeing you around St. Louis. Please subscribe to our Facebook account for exclusive announcements.

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