A few months back my wife Virginia, above, and I hoped in the car and randomly headed north. We ended up at a ferry crossing in North St. Charles by the ever creepy community of New Town. The ferry took us to a small isolated farming community of Brussels, Illinois. Rolling hills, kind inviting locals, and a small town mentality was just what we were looking for, the fresh air was a bonus. It's amazing what getting out of the city can do for your soul. We picked up a few choice antiques from a local shop, had a drink, walked the main street, and even got a tour of an old hotel from the proprietor, which is something that would never happen in St. Louis. This is your friendly reminder to get out of the city at least once a month and visit with the people that grow our food. Now get back to work.

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis & Chicago Commercial Photography

Twitter: @winchestergary