Meet SeanBaltzell, the proprietor of Tower Classic Tattoo, AKA the sickest tattoo parlor I've ever stepped foot into. Best part is, I didn't get thrown out of the back door into the alley. It's the kind of place that you wanna hang out in, hear stories, watch people work, and drink. The guys at Tower Classic did a stellar job putting this establishment together. They even found antique barber chairs for each artist's nook. Sean traveled the world for years piecing together the idea behind tower classic, and it shows. Every decoration appears to be an original from a far corner of the US with hand crafted signs on every wall. Every inch of the shop has been well thought out and the artwork on the walls speaks for itself, original. Tower Classic has quickly established themselves as a genuine tattoo destination in the US, not to mention a fantastic addition to the developing Grove area in St. Louis. Our hats are off to you Tower Classic. Looking forward to your awesomeness. 


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