Today four friends departed St. Louis at 6am and drove south, or as Ryan Walters puts it "heading south on the double nickel." Our purpose today was a scouting location trip, and our destination was Cairo, the southern most Illinois town with a crime rate higher than Detroit. We had heard stories of the vast poverty and rich textures and thought it would be a good idea to go investigate a stagnate town with alarming crime rates and overwhelming vacancy. Within minutes we stopped at this bus, busted out our iPhones and each began posting pictures to Instagram and other various social media sights. No one seemed to give a shit. The bus itself was clearly an old lawn fixture and appeared to be the home of some poor soul on hard times. It has a fucking arrow shot in the front of it, for fuck sake. 

To say today's location scout was a success is an understatement. We got amazing photos, great video, I fed a camel, I pet a zebra, I chased a flock of exotic birds, I tresspassed in an old broken down movie theater called the Gem, saw Sean & Franco dance on a stripper pole, met crazy locals, went to Kentucky, got chased by a junkyard dog, and ended the day shooting over 100 rounds on two 9mm pistols.

Fuck Yeah.

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis Music and Portrait Photography