Every once in a while, I'll pick up hitch hiker at the on ramp and take him wherever he wants to go, I just love hearing their stories. I usually do this in exchange for a portrait session, if they are willing. Meet Nate Zissou, a wandering adventurer traversing the US with a great pair of cowboy boots and an admirable outlook on life. His lust for life is only outmatched for his love for warm PBR and pistols, or "Pistolas," as described by Nate. I met Mr. Zissou at the Kingshighway on ramp a few weeks back and we hit it off immediately. We both had an obsession with lassos and well kept extension cords with no kinks. "I can lasso you a squirrel by 3 o'clock today," proclaimed Nate. His satchel was filled with random keepsakes, one change of undies, boot polish, and a beard trimmer that runs off a 9-volt battey. "I'm always able to find a 9-volt with enough juice to make me pretty again," Nate explained while laying his treasures out on my studio table. "I don't mind being battered by the sun, but I have to keep this beard lookin good," says Nate.

Nate was heading out west on highway 70, if you see a man dressed like a western smurf, feel free to tell him you're friends with me.

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis Music and Portrait Photographer 

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