Last night was #epic! And a big thank you to the 20 or so people that stopped by from 7:30 till 2:00am. I had a blast smoking Ahad's hookahs and drinking with friends. The best portrait night yet. I also had the opportunity to shoot portrait sessions of about 8 people. The above shot was the last shot of the night of Malcolm Chandler (far left) and Michael Franco (middle left), Mo "Mastermind Einstein" (middle right), and Jeff Hill (far right). They were discussing the magic of music production in Ableton and I decided to snag a frame, which turned out #ballsohard.  Franco and Jeff perform together (be on the lookout in STL this summer), and Mo and Malcom are up and coming Hip Hop stars with an insane amount of talent and swag, go get their music. Big shout out to Black Spade, of Hawthorne Headhunters, as well for stopping by and hanging out for the night cap. If you don't know The Hawthorne Head Hunters, go to iTunes now and pick up their new Album "Myriad of Now," right now. 

For me, this summer's focus is all about music photography, especially hip hop. I'm looking forward to participating in the ever growing Hip Hop scene here in STL and am excited with all the talent on the rise.

Originally, I started Sunday Nights as an Apple Employee Portrait Project, which has now morphed into that, plus a live music hangout with friends and cameras. All are welcome, just let me know you are coming. Check the blog for dates.

You can follow this movement on Instagram from me @garywinchester and watch the IST hash tags #sundaysinstl and #AGEPP (Apple Galleria Employee Portrait Project).

Gary WINchester Martin

St. Louis Music and Portrait Photographer