Meet Stevie Franchise (top) and Immij Nos (bottom), two artists on the rise here in St. Louis. I met these two at the studio last night to help them out with there press kit photos. After about an hour in the studio, we decided to head out on-location and pray not to get our gear wet. We ventured into a few neighborhoods 2 miles north of Delmar near Goodfellow & Page. This, by the way, is not the best area to be in, day or night. But what the location lacks in safety, it makes up for in grizzly textures, grime, and danger. Great for shooting. We set up our shoot across from a chicken wings & fish establishment that had the menu spray painted on the side of the brick building. "100 wings for 50 Bucks," which seems a bit high given the location but I guess they're really good.

After about 3 minutes of shooting, we begin to draw a little too much attention from our fellow pedestrians and are approached by a stumbling lady ranting that we need permission to shoot in front of Omar's Food & Beauty Supplies,  I am more worried about an idle Cadillac with tinted windows stopped in the middle of the street. I quickly convince her that the side of Omar's building isn't in my shot, even though Stevie is standing right in front of Omar's wall. Omar's Beauty Supply, by the way, can also cash your check, sell you real human hair, make you a gyro, and sell you fresh meat by the pound with food stamps. A true Hair & Meat destination combo. What a night!

This is just the beginning. Keep a lookout for more to come out of this neighborhood.


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