Ali Reza Malik, aka "Cheddar."  This man is crazy talented!  In the short time I had the pleasure of hanging out with him, it quickly became apparent.  An NYU grad, Ali is a student of business, but a designer at heart.  He recently relocated to The Lou to pursue an MBA at Wash U, and plans to head back to New York to work in the world of design.  After seeing Cheddar's site and portfolio, I have no reservations endorsing his video and motion graphics work, as well as his print design work.  Clean, concise, and minimal seem to be his style, and it's obvious every color choice is carefully calculated.  Cheddar accompanied a friend of ours to the studio, and we decided to make the most of having a new face around.  A few shots for his site and social media were our goal, and these are two of my favorites!  I think he may be able to add "GAP model" to his resumé, as well!