Part 2 of Bobby "The Appeaser" Pease. Stay classy San Diego.

If you are reading this, then you have an invite to come hang out at DMG on select Sundays this summer. Come by (preferably with something for the studio fridge, Mr West) and hang out, be social, smoke a hookah, meet some new people, and get your photo did. I am reserving Sunday's this summer for Portraits of my buddies and extended buddies. Just give me a shout and let me know you are coming. I do expect you to dress up, and possibly bring a second outfit. I will give you a hard time if you show up empty handed like you just rolled out of bed (stay tuned for RJ's photo).

Follow this movement and post your photos from Sundays on Instagram from @garywinchester and hashtags #sundaysinstl #appleemployees #applestl #AGEPP

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis Music and Portrait Photographer