It's hard to put a label on the talented Blaine Deutsch, seen above. He's a Producer, designer, bike nut, and father, to name a few. In the commercial production world, Blaine has one of the most important jobs, a producer. They are the ones who have to think of every possible scenario that would prevent a shoot from happening, then concoct 3 solutions with backup solutions to each potential problem. They are indeed the leatherman multi-tool on set with a solution to everything. Blaine's uncanny ability to prepare and provide practical solutions is very hard to come by. It's like having to juggle chainsaws in your tighy whities while texting a haiku to your grandma. Blaines been all over the world doing this job and currently resides in St. Louis, helping local commercial photographers and directors run major commercial shoots without a glitch. Check out his work here.

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis Photography

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