Rob Grimm, seen above, is a food and beverage photographer with a specialty in liquids. Rob is aggressively unkept and arguably the best meat eater in the world. He is a man of mystery and power, who's power is only exceeded by his mystery. On two separate occasions, Rob has made a monkey faint in Costa Rica, and once spent 3 days holding a standing bow pose in a speakeasy Bikram yoga studio. Rob is notorious for once beating the crap out of a Nutcracker display because he didn't think the lighting was accenting the head nutcracker "the way it should have." He is renowned for some of the highest quality images in the commercial industry, with a distinguished client list as long as his left arm, including Kraft, AB InBev, Jack Daniels, Bacardi, and Grey Goose. Rob operates full service studios in Chicago and St. Louis.

-Gary Winchester Martin


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