Anthony Spina, AKA Spina, AKA Tony, is a top marketing agent for PBR in Chicago. To put it shortly, the kid is cool as fuck and is someone who you need to know, especially if you live in Chicago. I met Spina about 10 years ago through another buddy, Dinga, and have just recently reunited at an informal function at DMG. Of course, he showed up with an superfluous amount of PBR, stocked the fridge, and jumpstarted the party. There is no off switch with Spina. The kid is constantly collaborating, debating, creating, and promoting the social and music scene wherever he goes. PBR is lucky to have this kid.

Cheers to you Mr. Spina and thanks again for the deliciously cold PBR you brought over.

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis Music and Portrait Photographer