Ahad Hosseini makes it look easy. He's a connoisseur of more topics than I can count and a terrific individual. He's currently a student at Mizzou and part time employee at West County Apple. He's also the only man that I secretly want to rub me down every time he walks in the room. The man is known to sneak up on you and randomly start massaging your neck. It's impossible to stop once those hands get a hold of you, ya just gotta hold on and hope it continues forever. Quite possibly the best thing about Ahad is that he's always got a hookah in his trunk with only the best tobacco. The man is a damn genius. I look forward to an awesome summer with Ahad.

This Sunday is the next Sunday Night Portrait Hangout Party Time Night On Sunday Night, or SNPHPTNOSN for short. Stop by in your sunday's finest at 7:30-10:30. Here are DIRECTIONS.

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis Music and Portrait Photographer