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Today I launched the most in-depth production of my life, a project we spent over 4 months planning, filming, and editing. It's the biggest body of work on Fashion photography that I can find anywhere online, period.

The subject matter expert for this documentary based tutorial is Michael Woloszynowicz from Toronto. He's the only Canadian I've ever met that doesn't follow hockey or even like Poutine. I guess technically he's Polish so that makes this acceptable. Michael is one of the best instructors I've ever worked with. To say I learned a lot is an understatement. Here is a little more bio on Michael:

The Making Of This Tutorial & Our Company Vision

We decided pretty early on that we weren't going to cut any corners or leave anything out of this tutorial. We spent months building look books, discussing ideas, isolating teaching points, and gathering a talented team to pull this off. We had model castings with agencies, discussed wardrobe more than I ever have, and broke down the three stages of this photo shoot into the pre-production, photo shoot, and post production in Photoshop. Because Michael is as much of a retoucher as he is a photographer, we were able to really dive into a ton of topics and teach them all 3-4 different ways. The idea behind Photoshop and teaching it, was to isolate every topic or process and separate this into a chapter. This way when you need a quick refresher on Dodge & Burn techniques or Frequency Separation, you aren't hunting around in a 10 hour tutorial for the part related to dodging and burning. This ended up creating 60 video chapters around 3-20 minutes in length each. Here is a quick explanation of the retouching portion:

Retouching Trailer

The retouching part of this tutorial is a serious body of work that will elevate your photography to the next level. For most people, and I do mean 98% of photographers, hiring a retoucher for the majority of your work both personal and client work is not an option. To make it as a photographer today you also have to be a talented digital artist. Let's face it, Photoshop is not easy and creating an image that makes people stop and really look at it requires knowing a LOT of Photoshop. Here is an entire chapter, which is 1 of 60 videos chapters included in this tutorial:


Merging & Compositing Hair For High End Fashion Portraiture

This tutorial is NOT just for fashion photographers. This tutorial is actually perfect for portrait photographers as a whole. Our concepts in lighting are applicable to the every day portrait photographer and the concepts taught in Photoshop are applicable to everyone that owns a camera and a copy of Adobe's flagship program.

Here are a few more things about this tutorial, which you can preview HERE. 

General Overview

  • 15+ Hours of content that you can instantly download
  • 92 Total videos that cover pre-production, gear, 4-photo shoots, interview, RAW processing, and full length post production
  • 60 Videos on full length retouching all separated into a specific process or tool in Photoshop
  • 30 Videos on 4 different photo shoots including Test Looks, Editorial, Portrait, and Beauty
  • Interview with Michael Woloszynowicz and Rob Grimm on getting started in the industry
  • The most comprehensive videos on Fashion Post Processing AVAILABLE ANYWHERE
  • Free Photoshop actions Included with step-by-step instruction
  • The guide includes working files from Medium Format and DSLR camera bodies for you to follow along
  • 50 minute Audio Podcast focused around business, pricing, and marketing
  • Choosing the right gear for your budget and which lenses to buy or rent
  • Finding and choosing a great studio space
  • Full length fashion photography and model testing
  • Model/fashion portraiture and shallow DOF studio portraits with ND filters
  • Beauty portraiture tips
  • Editorial photo shoots
  • Finding great models and tips to working with agencies
  • Building your creative team and avoiding pitfalls
  • Tips for high quality editorials, getting your work published and sources of income
  • Ad quality start-to-finish post production of 4 photo shoots
  • We've included 10 100+ MB TIFF files from the shoot for you to practice on.

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