Mvstermind Einstein | Emerging St. Louis Artist

Meet MO, AKA Mvstermind Einstein, a St. Louis native and emerging Hip Hop Artist with a unique and original style. Fresh off of the release of his awesome album A.D.D, MO has quickly established himself as a contender breaking into the music industry.

Mvstermind is multi-talented musician and producer. MO produces his own beats and writes his own music. He is a leader of the MME group here in St. Louis and a very positive influence and role model in his community.

Keep a look out for this young man and catch one of his shows around town. 

The Canon C100 | Pulling Still Frames

The above video was shot on the C100 using the Atomos Ninja 2 external recorder through HDMI out at 24 fps. I was pretty amazed at some of the stills that I can pull from the Canon C100 video files. They are great images that could easily live on the web and fool the reader into thinking they were from a high end still camera. 

My initial thoughts are that this will be great for subjects that aren't moving too quickly. The 24 fps, while great for motion, is not advantageous for creating a sharp image. The above subject, is a full energy artist moving at mach 5, so many of the frames have blurry hands, which again, is great for cinematic video that Americans are accustomed to but not so great for pulling frames.  The image below is a still exported from FCP as a TIFF, then saved as a JPEG. 

No, these images won't win any awards for being high resolution and won't hold up to layers upon layers of photoshop tweaks, and are probably borderline printable, but the convenience factor of being able to do this to help tell a story is an added benefit, especially in a small crew.

For this series of video, I cropped 72.5 pixels off the top and bottom  to create a more cinematic, wide screen view. Color graded in Magic Bullet. 

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis & Chicago Hip Hop Photography