AtM & Franco Hill 

AtM, pronounced "Atom", are the two outstanding gentlemen on the left. Amir (far left) is a St. Louis lyricist that has teamed up with Malcolm (middle left) to create a new hip hip duo here in St. Louis. As a part of MME, these two are currently working on their first album with Franco-Hill, the two scallywags on the right. Michael Franco (far right) is a producer, guitarist, and goofball extraordinaire. This St. Louis native teamed up with Jeff (middle right) to create a unique new sound that's as if Hip Hop banged the Blues and somehow then created offspring with Flying Lotus, a three way baby. Jeff is a drummer and newly formed producer and just released an amazing album with Michael Franco that can be downloaded here

Keep an eye out for Franco Hills new album to be released later this month called "Vibrate Higher". Also keep a look out for new music from AtM and live performances at the Blank Space.

Gary W. Martin

St. Louis Hip Hop Photography

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