Munchkins Galore

I admit that I am biased but I have a supreme munchkin on my hands. My daughter, seen above, is a 4 year old that never wants to grow up. Her goal is to "be tiny forever" and stay in pre-school with her best friend Cali. Her favorite color is pink and purple and she's obsessed with how things work mechanically. I spent the day hanging our with her talking about her favorite seasons (summer and christmas), her take on becoming a princess, and her favorite snacks (88% dark chocolate).

The shot was done with a Broncolor Para 88 as the key light, a Broncolor Para 220 for a fill, a back grid on a P-70 reflector for hair, and a grid pointed at the background. It was shot on a Hasselblad H4D with a 120 mm macro lens at f/16.

This post was dictated but not read.

Gary Winchester Martin
St. Louis Children Photography