St. Louis Magazine | Generation Now Tears

For the November 2013 issue of St. Louis Magazine, I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot the featured images of Generation Now, a group of St. Louisans shaping laws, altering neighborhoods, and improving lives. Below are the tears.

It was a great assignment with a short deadline that took me all over St. Louis meeting new people, shooting existing friends, and trying out new lights. I was able to utilize both natural light, strobes, and LED ROSCO Lite Panels.

Character portraits in their environments are most definitely one of my favorite assignments to tackle. The challenge of putting a character inside of their environment and building the light around them in one capture is always a great challenge.

Some info on each shot:

Top Left
Location: HOK St. Louis
TOD: 8:30PM
Lighting: Natural Light
Camera/Lens: Canon 5D MK III 50 MM F/1.2

Top Right
Location: Blank Space on Cherokee
TOD: 2:00 PM
Lighting: Key Light Octobox, Strip Box Rim Light, Strip Box Table Light, Bare Bulb w/ 20Grid for Door Light
Camera/Lens: Canon 5D MK III 24-70 MM F/2.8

Bottom Left
Location: Perennial on South Grand
Lighting: Umbrella Key Light, Bare Bulb behind ROSCO #3008 Diffusion for background
Camera/Lens: Canon 5D MK III 24-105 F/4

Bottom Right
Location: Small Batch on Locust
Lighting: 2 12x12 LED Lite Pads from Rosco
Camera/Lens: Canon 5D MK III 50 MM F/1.2