A Sit Down Interview On Copyright

Everything You Need To Know About Copyright

In this hour long interview with Copyright expert Joe Naylor from Image Rights, photographers Rob Grimm and Peter Coulson, and RGG EDU director Gary Martin, we look at today's climate of Copyright. Peter Coulson, Gary Martin, Rob Grimm, and Joe Naylor discuss today's copyright climate and what photographers need to do to protect themselves against others that steal their images and use without consent.



Complete Guide To Fashion and Beauty Photography With High End Retouching

The Trailer

Today I launched the most in-depth production of my life, a project we spent over 4 months planning, filming, and editing. It's the biggest body of work on Fashion photography that I can find anywhere online, period.

The subject matter expert for this documentary based tutorial is Michael Woloszynowicz from Toronto. He's the only Canadian I've ever met that doesn't follow hockey or even like Poutine. I guess technically he's Polish so that makes this acceptable. Michael is one of the best instructors I've ever worked with. To say I learned a lot is an understatement. Here is a little more bio on Michael:

The Making Of This Tutorial & Our Company Vision

We decided pretty early on that we weren't going to cut any corners or leave anything out of this tutorial. We spent months building look books, discussing ideas, isolating teaching points, and gathering a talented team to pull this off. We had model castings with agencies, discussed wardrobe more than I ever have, and broke down the three stages of this photo shoot into the pre-production, photo shoot, and post production in Photoshop. Because Michael is as much of a retoucher as he is a photographer, we were able to really dive into a ton of topics and teach them all 3-4 different ways. The idea behind Photoshop and teaching it, was to isolate every topic or process and separate this into a chapter. This way when you need a quick refresher on Dodge & Burn techniques or Frequency Separation, you aren't hunting around in a 10 hour tutorial for the part related to dodging and burning. This ended up creating 60 video chapters around 3-20 minutes in length each. Here is a quick explanation of the retouching portion:

Retouching Trailer

The retouching part of this tutorial is a serious body of work that will elevate your photography to the next level. For most people, and I do mean 98% of photographers, hiring a retoucher for the majority of your work both personal and client work is not an option. To make it as a photographer today you also have to be a talented digital artist. Let's face it, Photoshop is not easy and creating an image that makes people stop and really look at it requires knowing a LOT of Photoshop. Here is an entire chapter, which is 1 of 60 videos chapters included in this tutorial:


Merging & Compositing Hair For High End Fashion Portraiture

This tutorial is NOT just for fashion photographers. This tutorial is actually perfect for portrait photographers as a whole. Our concepts in lighting are applicable to the every day portrait photographer and the concepts taught in Photoshop are applicable to everyone that owns a camera and a copy of Adobe's flagship program.

Here are a few more things about this tutorial, which you can preview HERE. 

General Overview

  • 15+ Hours of content that you can instantly download
  • 92 Total videos that cover pre-production, gear, 4-photo shoots, interview, RAW processing, and full length post production
  • 60 Videos on full length retouching all separated into a specific process or tool in Photoshop
  • 30 Videos on 4 different photo shoots including Test Looks, Editorial, Portrait, and Beauty
  • Interview with Michael Woloszynowicz and Rob Grimm on getting started in the industry
  • The most comprehensive videos on Fashion Post Processing AVAILABLE ANYWHERE
  • Free Photoshop actions Included with step-by-step instruction
  • The guide includes working files from Medium Format and DSLR camera bodies for you to follow along
  • 50 minute Audio Podcast focused around business, pricing, and marketing
  • Choosing the right gear for your budget and which lenses to buy or rent
  • Finding and choosing a great studio space
  • Full length fashion photography and model testing
  • Model/fashion portraiture and shallow DOF studio portraits with ND filters
  • Beauty portraiture tips
  • Editorial photo shoots
  • Finding great models and tips to working with agencies
  • Building your creative team and avoiding pitfalls
  • Tips for high quality editorials, getting your work published and sources of income
  • Ad quality start-to-finish post production of 4 photo shoots
  • We've included 10 100+ MB TIFF files from the shoot for you to practice on.

- See more at:



Undisturbed | St. Louis Hip Hop Freestyle

Undisturbed is a open mic event where artists in St. Louis can come drop bars into an open mic. This A cappella style event focuses on the artists freestyle and flow and is void of any beat. The session is undisturbed from any other artist, instrument, beat, or visual. This is the artist in their most simplistic form with a mic and their bars.

Big thanks to Thelonius Kryptonite, Mvstermind Einstein, Prince EA, Corey Black, and St. Orleans for stopping by and making this first event a huge success. 

Looking forward to episode deux.




St. Louis Portrait Photography | Personal Trainers

 Rashaan Cain is a Miami native and personal trainer in St. Louis. I shot this at 6am on the fields of Washington University in St. Louis using natural light.

Gary W. Martin
St. Louis & Chicago Portrait Photography
Instagram: @garywinchester
Twitter: @



Nick Akerberg | Modern Day James Dean

Rebel Without A Cause | Nick Akerberg

A few days ago my friend Nick Akerberg dropped by the studio and we decided to re-make a few iconic photographs inspired by James Dean. This is what happened.

Gary Winchester Martin
St. Louis Editorial and Portrait Photography



St. Louis Children Photography | Munchkins

Munchkins Galore

I admit that I am biased but I have a supreme munchkin on my hands. My daughter, seen above, is a 4 year old that never wants to grow up. Her goal is to "be tiny forever" and stay in pre-school with her best friend Cali. Her favorite color is pink and purple and she's obsessed with how things work mechanically. I spent the day hanging our with her talking about her favorite seasons (summer and christmas), her take on becoming a princess, and her favorite snacks (88% dark chocolate).

The shot was done with a Broncolor Para 88 as the key light, a Broncolor Para 220 for a fill, a back grid on a P-70 reflector for hair, and a grid pointed at the background. It was shot on a Hasselblad H4D with a 120 mm macro lens at f/16.

This post was dictated but not read.

Gary Winchester Martin
St. Louis Children Photography



St. Louis Magazine Tears | Gary W Martin Photography

St. Louis Magazine | Generation Now Tears

For the November 2013 issue of St. Louis Magazine, I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot the featured images of Generation Now, a group of St. Louisans shaping laws, altering neighborhoods, and improving lives. Below are the tears.

It was a great assignment with a short deadline that took me all over St. Louis meeting new people, shooting existing friends, and trying out new lights. I was able to utilize both natural light, strobes, and LED ROSCO Lite Panels.

Character portraits in their environments are most definitely one of my favorite assignments to tackle. The challenge of putting a character inside of their environment and building the light around them in one capture is always a great challenge.

Some info on each shot:

Top Left
Location: HOK St. Louis
TOD: 8:30PM
Lighting: Natural Light
Camera/Lens: Canon 5D MK III 50 MM F/1.2

Top Right
Location: Blank Space on Cherokee
TOD: 2:00 PM
Lighting: Key Light Octobox, Strip Box Rim Light, Strip Box Table Light, Bare Bulb w/ 20Grid for Door Light
Camera/Lens: Canon 5D MK III 24-70 MM F/2.8

Bottom Left
Location: Perennial on South Grand
Lighting: Umbrella Key Light, Bare Bulb behind ROSCO #3008 Diffusion for background
Camera/Lens: Canon 5D MK III 24-105 F/4

Bottom Right
Location: Small Batch on Locust
Lighting: 2 12x12 LED Lite Pads from Rosco
Camera/Lens: Canon 5D MK III 50 MM F/1.2





Thelonius Kryptonite #3 | St. Louis Hip Hop

St. Louis Hip Hop Photography

The crop in the above image is inspired by Corey, someone who relies on himself, someone who motivates himself. The word "No" doesn't exist in Corey's vocabulary. His determination is only outweighed by his original style. Corey is an outstanding example of what hard work and determination looks like. His artistic ability to blend work and play is unique, raw, and something we all strive for. I suggest you go see this young man and buy him a Jack and Coke, his favorite drink. Just tell the bartender (wherever you are) that it's on Gary.



St. Louis Hip Hop | Thelonius Kryptonite

Thelonius Kryptonite

St. Louis Hop Hop

What an awesome day. Period.

As I further my quest to document the STL hip hop scene, I am always in awe of the talent and dedication of the artists here in St. Louis. Corey Williams, AKA Thelonius Kryptonite is a prime example of a hard working, intelligent, member of the music movement here in St. Louis reppin the 314. Coery and I shot for about 4 hours tonight exchanging music, inspiration, and life lessons about Jack & Coke. The above photos was just one of 600+ photos we took. 

For more information about Thelonius Kryptonite, visit HERE:

Stay tuned for a myriad of images from this shoot.

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis Hip Hop Photography




St. Louis Hip Hop Freestyle | CIEJ of MME

Freestyle Fridays | St. Louis Hip Hop  

Every so often I plan to host an open mic for some of St. Louis' finest hip hop artists. Stay tuned for the next Freestyle Friday. Check out more from CIEJ, seen above,  HERE: 

Gary Winchester Martin Photography

St. Louis Hip Hop Photography



Canon C100 | Mvstermind Einstein Freestyle

Mvstermind Einstein | Emerging St. Louis Artist

Meet MO, AKA Mvstermind Einstein, a St. Louis native and emerging Hip Hop Artist with a unique and original style. Fresh off of the release of his awesome album A.D.D, MO has quickly established himself as a contender breaking into the music industry.

Mvstermind is multi-talented musician and producer. MO produces his own beats and writes his own music. He is a leader of the MME group here in St. Louis and a very positive influence and role model in his community.

Keep a look out for this young man and catch one of his shows around town. 

The Canon C100 | Pulling Still Frames

The above video was shot on the C100 using the Atomos Ninja 2 external recorder through HDMI out at 24 fps. I was pretty amazed at some of the stills that I can pull from the Canon C100 video files. They are great images that could easily live on the web and fool the reader into thinking they were from a high end still camera. 

My initial thoughts are that this will be great for subjects that aren't moving too quickly. The 24 fps, while great for motion, is not advantageous for creating a sharp image. The above subject, is a full energy artist moving at mach 5, so many of the frames have blurry hands, which again, is great for cinematic video that Americans are accustomed to but not so great for pulling frames.  The image below is a still exported from FCP as a TIFF, then saved as a JPEG. 

No, these images won't win any awards for being high resolution and won't hold up to layers upon layers of photoshop tweaks, and are probably borderline printable, but the convenience factor of being able to do this to help tell a story is an added benefit, especially in a small crew.

For this series of video, I cropped 72.5 pixels off the top and bottom  to create a more cinematic, wide screen view. Color graded in Magic Bullet. 

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis & Chicago Hip Hop Photography



St. Louis Hip Hop Freestyle | CIEJ of MME


This man can freestyle, period. This week we got our hands on the Canon C100 and did a variety of tests. This one took place last night with most of MME. I set up a static shot, taped off where to stand, and Jeff laid down the beat. CIEJ started the night off with this freestyle. 

This was recorded with the Zoom H4N, the Canon C100 with the Atomos Ninja 2, and the Canon 50 MM Cine lens AKA the big daddy.

First Days with the Canon EOS C100

Over the past few months I've invested a lot of time into researching RAW video, the holy grail of motion in 2013. As a photographer I've been impressed with the capabilities of the Canon 5D MK III, but was never sold on this as complete solution for video. The portability and workflow of the 5D MK III is phenomenal, however post production and color grading has never really knocked my socks off. The dynamic range of pulling tone out of the shadows is somewhat limiting, even with the magic lantern color profile. Too many accessories and lights are needed to create even tones, especially in an outside setting, thus creating a more expensive workflow.

The Canon c100 is a great solution to this for the price point ONLY because of the Atomos Ninja 2 external recorder. The Ninja allows you to record uncompressed 8 bit RAW files in the 4:2:2 color space as opposed to the AVCHD codec native to the camera out of the box. The C100 without the Ninja records to SD cards in the 4:2:0 color space, which didn't impress me all that much, but still did reasonably well in a low light scenario; still not nearly as well as with the Ninja.

The above video was shot using a very simple 2 light setup. The lights used were $20 dollar flood lamps with 500 watt bulbs. I bounced one into a Broncolor 220 Parabolic  (very expensive reflector) and the second through 3008 Rosco Lux Diffusion. The lights are crappy, period, but gave me what I needed due to the diffusion. To get the same exposure on the MK III, I had to be at F4 at 1250 ISO, and even then it wasn't nearly the same. The C100 was set at f5.6 at the native ISO 850, which provides the most dynamic range the camera is capable of for post.

Post production was finally a great experience, the super flat images out of the camera really allowed for pushing the tones to where I wanted them without the footage falling apart. 

The most impressive thing about this camera was the ability to pull out still images from the video. I was able to pull still from this footage and edit them with some of the same latitude as a normal photo, which is crazy, without losing detail. I will be posting some of these still images this week. 

I can't wait to keep exploring what this camera can do. 

Gary Winchester Martin | St. Louis Portrait Photographer

Twitter: @WinchesterGary

Instagram: @GaryWinchester

P.S- This Post Was Dictated But Not Read. 






Virginia Winchester Martin | St. Louis Portrait Photography

My wife and I randomly hit the road Saturday and ended up in Ste. Genevieve, MO, one of the oldest (maybe the oldest) settlements west of the Mississippi. I got to see a house my great great great grandma was born in (built by her grandfather) that was actually for sale. We stayed at the Main Street Inn in old town and had a blast being out of the city. We were greeted by an older couple (proprietors) with glasses of wine when we arrived and they gave us the tour and all of the information we could have ever wanted about the town's ammenities. After a night on the town (shopping for antiques) we were woken up to a 4 course breakfast with the other guests. Pork Loin, a godly flaky eggy torta, fruit parfaits, coffee, tea, and great conversation with the old tymers.

Later that day we ended up traversing the hills, attacking wineries, and taking photos. This is the first one that caught my eye. More to come.

Gary Winchester Martin

St. Louis Portrait Photographer


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AtM & Franco Hill | St. Louis Hip Hop Photography

AtM & Franco Hill 

AtM, pronounced "Atom", are the two outstanding gentlemen on the left. Amir (far left) is a St. Louis lyricist that has teamed up with Malcolm (middle left) to create a new hip hip duo here in St. Louis. As a part of MME, these two are currently working on their first album with Franco-Hill, the two scallywags on the right. Michael Franco (far right) is a producer, guitarist, and goofball extraordinaire. This St. Louis native teamed up with Jeff (middle right) to create a unique new sound that's as if Hip Hop banged the Blues and somehow then created offspring with Flying Lotus, a three way baby. Jeff is a drummer and newly formed producer and just released an amazing album with Michael Franco that can be downloaded here

Keep an eye out for Franco Hills new album to be released later this month called "Vibrate Higher". Also keep a look out for new music from AtM and live performances at the Blank Space.

Gary W. Martin

St. Louis Hip Hop Photography

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G Eazy St. Louis | Old Rock House

G-Eazy Show | April 30th | St. Louis Old Rock House

A few weeks back G-Eazy rolled into town to play at the Old Rock House in downtown St. Louis. I was in attendance to film a BTS video for Mvstermind Einstein who opened (see below video), and stuck around to see G-Eazy play, which was quite the show. Above is what happened from my point of view.

Gary Winchester Martin | St. Louis Editorial and Portrait Photography